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While You Wait Service at 203 N. LaSalle (Lobby)  

Shoe Repair - Purse Repair - Luggage Repair - Boot Repair - Leather Repair

Anywhere in the USA!

Shoe & purse repair from your home or office!

 So easy to use:  

  1. Order the special Blue Bag for free shipping
  2. Put shoes or purse in bag
  3. Mail!-No stamps needed
  4. We will contact you to approve all repairs
  5. Items repaired and shipped back to you via UPS.

     Order your Blue Bag today!!!!

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                                              Fashion Boot        


 Our customer care contact 1-312-750-0604 Fax No. coming


Free Shipping on Shoes of $125.00 or more

Other repairs will be charged @ UPS rates.

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